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Established in 1976, Industrial Equipments (IE) has earned the reputation of being one of the most renowned and technically oriented fluid control products distributors in Pakistan since its inception. 

IE has decided to modernize its image by addressing the outdated logo. This project aims to redefine their visual identity, ensuring alignment with contemporary standards yet reinforcing their excellence in the fluid control industry.



  1. Logo Design

  2. Color Palette

  3. Typography

  4. Brand Guidelines



Staying true to the original design, the client wanted to preserve the "I.E" as customers associated it with the brand's established equity that dates back to 1976.




We've added blue and grey to the existing red color palette to distinguish the new IE logo mark.


The blue symbolizes water, while red represents fire.


This dynamic synergy between water and fire serves as a symbolic representation of IE's products and commitment to serve their customers.

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You really got what we're about and helped us figure out what matters most for our company.

Mutawassim Ahmed, Managing Partner, Industrial Equipments

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